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After receiving his degree in ceramics from Goddard College in Plainfield Vermont in 1978, David Camden opened Camden Clayworks in Ashland, Virginia. In addition to apprenticing many students in his studio over the years, he has also taught pottery extensively in the Richmond area, principally at the The Visual Arts Center of Richmond, and been involved in the many Artist in Residence programs in the local public schools.

He has been included in more than fifty shows throughout Virginia and up and down the east coast and is included in many private collections within the Richmond area.

Photos by Tayor Dabney

Dabney_100302_4355 copy
Dabney_100302_4362 copy
Dabney_100302_4372 copy
Dabney_100302_4378 copy
Dabney_100302_4381 copy
Dabney_100302_4386 copy
Dabney_100302_4390 copy
Dabney_100302_4392 copy
Dabney_100302_4400 copy
Dabney_100302_4401 copy
Dabney_100302_4411 copy
Dabney_100302_4425 copy
Dabney_100302_4440 copy
Dabney_100302_4477 copy
Dabney_100302_4506 copy
Dabney_100302_4514 copy
Dabney_100302_4535 copy
Dabney_100302_4366 copy
Dabney_100302_4430 copy
Dabney_100302_4433 copy
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